Drastic changes in the funding climate meant LEAD Connecticut was facing a crisis: it needed new strategies for raising funds, fast, or its innovative school leadership training program could shut down.




LEAD Connecticut


Case for Support and Development


Fund Development


LEAD Connecticut (LEAD CT) is a collaborative initiative championed by the Connecticut Department of Education designed to develop effective public school leadership through training and support for principals and superintendents, and the school boards who support them. To date, LEAD CT has been underwritten by the state, but changes in the funding climate mean it must cultivate a broader financial base. 

Inbloom was hired to develop a case for support designed to optimize awareness and funding for the organization.


LEAD Connecticut had three goals

  • Determine funding feasibility for the program
  • Develop a compelling case for support that resonated with potential funders
  • Create a fundraising plan

The Services

Over 14 weeks, Inbloom lead an intense, research-focused process centered on understanding LEAD Connecticut’s work and its competitive position. Inbloom began by listening to current stakeholders to discover challenges and opportunities facing the organization, and used this feedback to develop a core fundraising message through a compelling case for support. LEAD Connecticut leadership responded to the draft, and offered suggestions. After revisions, Inbloom began researching established and potential partners for LEAD Connecticut at the state and national level, connecting with those individuals, and leading interviews to get a response to the draft case for support and to gather insights for LEAD Connecticut’s fundraising efforts. 

At the end of the project, LEAD CT was presented with a report that included stakeholder analysis, a revised case for support, and a framework for a future fundraising campaign.


The Results

With a better understanding of the funding climate and the interests of its potential funders and a focused, tested case for support, LEAD CT is positioned to launch its first fundraising campaign.